Pokemon a2


This page is a quick reference of the various terminology that is in a2. This page will be updated when needed.

Area Leaders- Similar to Gym Leaders in the Pokemon games. They operate a Pokemon Center in towns big enough to warrant a leader. An area leaders job is more akin to a police officer in large towns, making sure order is maintained, as well as to teach younger Pokemon and Trainers the basics of Pokemon.

Elite Four- A group of 4 people who oversee the Area leaders and provide some of the strongest forces when crisis should befall the land.

Champion-The strongest trainer of a given region, They are typically appointed by the Elite Four as someone of considerable skill and talent that surpass even them.

Pokemon-A human who has the ability to transform into a Pokemon. They can use the same moves and abilities as Pokemon from the main series games, some with or without a trainer.

Assolo-A Pokemon that does not require a trainer to access their Pokemon abilities. Called solos for short.

à deux-A Pokemon that requires a trainer in order to access their Pokemon abilities. called dues for short, typically as a derogatory term.

Trainer-Any human who has a Pokemon partner.

Walker-A small device that transmits the trainers energy to a Pokemon to allow them to transform and utilize their abilities. It also acts as a limiter releasing limits as the bond between the trainer and Pokemon grows. Every Walker progresses through the same first 3 phases Poke -> Great -> Ultra The final form is based on the Trainer and Pokemon which the walker belongs to.

Tempo-A measure of the bond a trainer a Pokemon and their Trainer share. Legend has it if a trainer and Pokemon achieve Perfect tempo a miracle will happen.