Pokemon a2


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June 7th, 2010, 6:16 pm

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It's a reference

Blue Tomoshibi
Posted by Blue Tomoshibi
June 7th, 2010, 6:21 pm

Shouri, being in the IB program at his school as he previously stated also means that he is a nerd.

Let's find the references shall we?

"Space times warped!" was a message that appeared in the final level of Megaman Battle Network 4. The message would be displayed after a certain amount of time in the level. A black hole would appear over your characters head and it would attempt to suck the character into it sending you back to the start of the stage. It's obnoxious.

And Ms.197 refers to Umbreon's National Dex number, that is all.

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Posted by Catias18
June 16th, 2014, 12:18 am

For some weird reason, when I look at Blakki, I start thinking of Korra, the latest avatar in the avatar series on Nickelodeon, IS that weird?

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